St Ann's CE Primary

School Improvement

St Ann's is a continually improving school and our ambition is for it to be a place where children thrive and love learning.

Our current school improvement priorities are as follows:

Quality of Education 

  • Curriculum Evolution: further refine and clarify the intent of key conceptual learning in history, geography, music, art and design technology
  • Early Years: ensuring learning gets off to a great start  
  • Review & confirm the teaching of reading, including early reading
  • Expanding opportunities to learn beyond the classroom

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Attendance: every second counts, every day in school makes a difference
  • Shared langauge to promote positive behaviour and attitudes
  • Building resilience and self regulation

Personal Development 

  • Building character for the next challenge, ‘be the best you can be’.
  • Allowing time for spiritual growth and contemplation

Leadership and Management 

School Vision: raising aspiration and promoting further improvement

  • clarifying pedagogy to promote consistency and quality
  • role of all leaders in evaluating and improving quality of education
  • enhancing & evolving the role of year group leaders